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Christian Fässler

Christian joined us at Pursuit Coaching for a year from Switzerland. Every athlete brings something to a squad and he certainly left a positive feeling on squad with his professionalism.

Below was posted by Christian two weeks before Ironman WA

The most intensive weeks in preparation for Ironman Western Australia just passed. I’d like to take this as an opportunity to appreciate an awesome triathlon squad, its members and coaches!

Only after a few days after my arrival I joined the Pursuit Coaching Squad and was taken up with an open-hearted welcome from the first minute on!

It is a team where high performances are achieved day by day but at the same time social acts are self- evident. It is a team where it’s members spend their leisure time to set up an aid station along the training course to support their mates during their long session and to conjure a smile on their face.

It is a team which is lead by coaches, who perfectly prepare every session to get out the very best of every athlete. Coaches who are interested in their athletes, who are motivating and spend hours in research to provide their athletes with the latest facts. Coaches who build up bike racks to make exercise as close as possible to reality and make their athletes feeling safe while they are swimming in the home territory of sharks.

Does not matter what’s going to happen on the 4th of December in Busselton. Whether it is going to be the perfect race or a day filled with struggling.

But I want to thank the whole crew of the Pursuit Coaching Squad for making every workout a little bit easier because at every session, so many of you guys were there too! Thank you!

I want profoundly thank Mike Gee and Deb Kempe for preparing me perfectly for that big day! The spirit in that squad is absolutely unique and I am proud to wear black- orange- white colours!

I wish you all a good recovery!


The result was 1st in the 25-29 Age Group in 8.54.49. In Kona 7th in the 25-29 Age Group 9.22.00

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