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Coaching Overview

At Pursuit Coaching we have developed the right mix between individual programs and the benefits of a competitive / supportive evironment at key sessions. 

There are dedicated weekly coached sessions to develop skills and technique at speed and push our athletes to new levels. 

  • Head Coach Mike Gee looks after all planning, programing, tracking, education and meetings with the athletes.

  • Coaches Andrea Hopkins & Stuart Denton run the mid week sessions working on technique, developing it at speed and pushing the athletes limits.

  • Head Coach Mike Gee runs the key brick sessions and long rides every 2nd weekend. On the alternative weekend we put the responsibilty on the athletes.


What we aim to Develop

  • Aerobic engine specific to your event

  • Education to build your passion & knowledge

  • Mental Skills - Race Intelligence, Stress management & Strategy

  • Technical Skills - right equipment & execution at speed

  • Community - build your support


What we Value

  • On time "if you're not early, you're late" & prepared

  • Know your training zones

  • Share your knowledge - bring a benefit to the squad

  • Compete, compete, compete

  • Encourage your squad mates

  • The right equipment to perform

  • Autonomy



Individual Program

What's included:

  • Initial meeting

  • Individual program based around key sessions and your situation

  • Monthly Meeting

  • Final Surge account

  • Access to members articles

  • Personal training zones

  • Coached weekly run intervals, bike intervals, & open water swim (Nov-May)

  • Coached weekend Brick Session & Long Ride every fortnight

  • Strength programs

  • Specific key sessions for races

  • Regular Time Trials to track progression

  • Race day strategy & plans 

  • Feedback on races & key sessions


Cost: $200 per month


Sessions Only

Part of having a sustainable future in triathlon is to have time off program. Ideally two months off per year is good for long term development & engagement. We do have the option of just attending sessions which is used by our athletes getting back into it and is also a good way to start with the squad and get to know our approach.

What's included:

  • Weekly run intervals, bike intervals, brick session & open water swim (Nov-May)

  • Regular Time Trials to track performance

  • Access to coach at sessions


Cost: $100 per month

Think this might be for you? Check out our New Athletes page or get in touch with Mike to find out more.


"I can’t rate the squad and coaches Mike and Deb highly enough. The improvement I saw in all disciplines of triathlon over only a 6-month period were testament to the quality of the coaching, the program Mike put together for me and the other athletes I trained alongside. Everyone pushes each other to bring out their best in a competitive but very friendly environment."

- Emma Lindley

Thanks! Message sent and Mike will be in touch shortly.

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