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Triathlon Coaching

Training Sessions

“We have athletes training for multiple events, multiple distances and at varying intensity. It's not one session for everyone, we aim to be specific when you need to be. Collaborative & Competitive to help get you to the next level.”​


Blackfins Squad

This squad is a team of athletes that strive for their very best. They know it takes hard work, they know it takes support & fun along the way. Having a driven athlete surrounded by athletes that have a similar drive and that are willing to support their team mates is powerful and a big reason for this squad's success.

The results are

  • Developed Professionals Allister Caird & Kerry Morris

  • World Champions in Carrie Anderson & Deb Kempe

  • 14 National Champions

  • 50+ State Champions

  • 40+ 70.3 Wins

  • 20+ Kona Qualifiers and multiple Ironman Wins

This team has and always will be filled with a mix of experienced and developing athletes. The consistent theme is that they all have something to add to the team.

  • Preparedness

  • Enthusiasm

  • Fun

  • Experience

  • Drive

  • Competitiveness

  • Supportive

  • many more...

If you've got lofty goals and something to add, we'd love to hear your story.

Squad Training Sessions


Bike Intervals

Tuesday 5.45am Nedlands
Coach - Patrick Apps


Brick Sessions

Saturday 6.30am Nedlands / City Beach
Coach - Mike Gee


Run Intervals

Thursday 5.45pm Mt Claremont
Coach - Mike Gee & Clodagh Glynn


Long Ride

Sunday 6.30am East Perth
Various routes


Open Water Swim

Monday 6am Cottesloe Beach Oct-May
Coach - Mike Gee


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