Triathlon Coaching

Individual Approach

“We monitor our athletes in multiple ways. Final Surge, resting pulse trends and most importantly in person.

Being squad based we see how our athletes respond daily, we know when they need a rest or a spray.” 


Blackfins Triathlon Team

The Blackfins Triathlon Team was the start of Pursuit Coaching. It is a team of athletes that strive for their very best. They know it takes hard work and they know it takes support. Having a driven athlete surrounded by athletes that have a similar drive and that are willing to support their team mates is powerful.

The results are

  • Developed Professionals Allister Caird & Kerry Morris

  • World Champions in Carrie Anderson & Deb Kempe

  • 14 National Champions

  • 50+ State Champions

  • 40+ 70.3 Wins

  • 20+ Kona Qualifiers and multiple Ironman Wins

This team has and always will be filled with a mix of experienced and developing athletes. The consistent theme is that they all have something to add to the team.

  • Preparedness

  • Enthusiasm

  • Fun

  • Experience

  • Drive

  • Competitiveness

  • Supportive

  • many more...

If you've got lofty goals and something to add, we'd love to hear your story.

Blackfins Training Schedule

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