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Triathlon Coaching

Individual Approach

“We monitor our athletes in multiple ways. Final Surge, resting pulse trends and most importantly in person.

Being squad based we see how our athletes respond daily, we know when they need a rest or a spray.” 


Pursuit Squad

The Pursuit Squad was started a couple of years after the Blackfins Triathlon Team and was modelled on it's successful structure, without performance standards. The squad members bring a similar level of dedication and support that has seen 30+ members travel to World Championships, including four athletes qualifying for Kona.


It has been re-affirming to see our model successful for the athletes in the Pursuit Squad as well as creating a pathway for progression for our athletes into the Blackfins Triathlon Team.


What's included:

  • Intial meeting

  • Individual program based around key sessions and your situation

  • Final Surge account

  • Access to members articles

  • Personal training zones

  • Weekly run intervals, bike intervals, brick session & open water swim (Nov-May)

  • Strength programs

  • Specific key sessions for races

  • Regular Time Trials to track progression

  • Race day strategy & plans

  • Feedback on races & key sessions


  • $240 per month for triathlon

  • $160 per month for running


New Athletes come down and try a week for free.

Pursuit Squad Training Sessions


Bike Intervals

5.45am Nedlands


Brick Session

6.30am Various Locations


Run Intervals

5.45pm Mt Claremont


Long Ride

6.30am East Perth


Open water Swim

6am Cottesloe Beach

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